Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sinful Shine - Bottoms Up Part-Two, Plus Zoya Natty Comparison

In my Sinful Shine - Bottoms Up Part-1 post, I said I was going to experiment with this new Sinful Colors formula and see how long it would last. I made it four whole days, and then had to change it out for a Raging Rock Stars design for a rock-and-roll show I am attending tonight. Here's what my left and right hands looked like at the end of four days of wear.

I applied the same base and top coat on both hands, the left with one coat of this color, and the right with two. Right away I noticed a difference in that the hand with one coat looked much nicer. It could be a fluke, I dunno....but I had some tip shrink right away on the right hand, and it wore unevenly. When I wear this color again, I'm going with the one coater. It held up amazingly over the course of 4 days, I'm really liking this new formula so far.

When I bought this color, I was thinking that it looked very similar to Zoya Natty, which I already owned. I bought it anyway, because I love this color, dupe or not! When I looked at them side by side, I realized that Natty is a deeper, darker shade of stormy blue. Bottoms Up is a bit brighter. Below is a comparison.

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