Wednesday, August 28, 2013

30 Manis Marathon - w/ The Charming Cheshire and You!


Cookie from The Charming Cheshire and I have decided to take on a nail polish challenge, and we invite you to follow along with us! Instead of the 30 day nail polish/nail art challenge that has been circulating for quite some time, we tweaked it a bit. We decided to do the same challenges, but make it a 30 Manicure Marathon instead, completing a new manicure from the above list (in order) every 3 or 4 days instead of one every day. 

We would love to have you and other polish lovers you know participate right along with us! Feel free to post the picture above and the marathon details on your blog, twitter, instagram, and Facebook with the hashtag 


We will be starting the marathon this Sunday, September 1st, so let your friends and followers know before then so everyone will be ready! Cookie and I will be creating a new blog/facebook/instagram post for each of our manicures, but you can lay your posts out however you like.

The time line for posting the manicures to social media is below:

Manicure 1 - Red Nails: Sunday Sept 1st – Wednesday Sept 4th
Manicure 2 - Orange Nails: Wednesday Sept 4th – Saturday Sept 7th
Manicure 3 - Yellow Nails: Saturday Sept 7th – Tuesday Sept 10th
Manicure 4 - Green Nails: Tuesday Sept 10th – Friday Sept 13th
Manicure 5 - Blue Nails: Friday Sept 13th – Monday Sept 16th
Manicure 6 - Violet Nails: Monday Sept 16th – Thursday Sept 19th
Manicure 7 - Black & White Nails: Thursday Sept 19th – Sunday Sept 22nd
Manicure 8 - Metallic Nails: Sunday Sept 22nd – Wednesday Sept 25th
Manicure 9 - Rainbow Nails: Wednesday Sept 25th – Saturday Sept 28th
Manicure 10 - Gradient Nails: Saturday Sept 28th – Tuesday Oct 1st
Manicure 11 - PolkDots: Tuesday Oct 1st – Friday Oct 4th
Manicure 12 - Stripes: Friday Oct 4th – Monday Oct 7th
Manicure 13 - Animal Print: Monday Oct 7th – Thursday Oct 10th
Manicure 14 - Flowers: Thursday Oct 10th – Sunday Oct 13th
Manicure 15 - Delicate Print: Sunday Oct 13th – Wednesday Oct 16th
Manicure 16 - Tribal Print: Wednesday Oct 16th – Saturday Oct 19th
Manicure 17 - Glitter: Saturday Oct 19th – Tuesday Oct 22nd
Manicure 18 - Half Moons: Tuesday Oct 22nd – Friday Oct 25th
Manicure 19 - Galaxies: Friday Oct 25th – Monday Oct 28th
Manicure 20 - Water Marble: Monday Oct 28th – Friday Nov 1st
Manicure 21 - Inspired by a color: Friday Nov 1st – Monday Nov 4th
Manicure 22 - Inspired by a song: Monday Nov 4th – Thursday Nov 7th
Manicure 23 - Inspired by a movie: Thursday Nov 7th – Sunday Nov 10th
Manicure 24 - Inspired by a book: Sunday Nov 10th – Wednesday Nov 13th
Manicure 25 - Inspired by fashion: Wednesday Nov 13th – Saturday Nov 16th
Manicure 26 - Inspired by a pattern: Saturday Nov 16th – Tuesday Nov 19th
Manicure 27 - Inspired by artwork: Tuesday Nov 19th – Friday Nov 22nd
Manicure 28 - Inspired by a flag: Friday Nov 22nd – Monday Nov 25th
Manicure 29 - Inspired by the supernatural: Monday Nov 25th – Thursday Nov 28th
Manicure 30 - Inspired by a tutorial: Thursday Nov 28th – Sunday Dec 1st

Have fun, and I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!


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