Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bondi Color Block Jigsaw

For this design, I began by painting a color block design on each nail in a rainbow pattern, using all Bondi new York polishes. Each nail has two colors, I painted each nail with the lighter of the two colors, and then used scotch tape to section off half of the nail to paint a coat of the darker color on half. Then I added a layer of top coat.

Then for fun, I used Konad black stamping polish and Bundle Monster stamping plate BM-319 to add a jigsaw puzzle stamp to the color blocks. I sealed the manicure with another layer of top coat.

Products Used:

One coat Dreams Nail Lacquer Top Coat/Base Coat
Color Blocking with Bondi New York Fuschia-istic, Horny Mistress, Chasing the Sun, Brick Road, The Limelight, NYPD, Uptown Girl
One coat Dreams Nail Laquer Top Coat/Base Coat
Konad Black Special Stamping Polish
Bundle Monster Stamping Plate BM-319
One coat Dreams Nail Lacquer Top Coat/Base Coat

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