Thursday, November 21, 2013

Formula X For Sephora - The Twenty-Two

Formula X For Sephora - The Twenty Two

The Twenty Two is a set of Sephora X brand mini polishes in a variety of colors and finishes that retails for $55.00. The website (here) describes it as "A stunning, 22-piece collection of mini nail lacquers in an array of classic creams, bright neons, cool chromes, and splatter-effect top coats. 

This is the ultimate collection for nail connoisseurs. Creams provide ultralong wear and incredible saturated color in just one swipe. Neons are mega bright and dry down to a matte finish. Chromes glide on creamy and dry to a smooth, reflective finish. Xplosive top coats create the ultimate splatter effect with a matte confetti glitter that can be worn alone or over any nail color. "

At 0.16 oz, these adorable mini polishes are a little smaller than 1/2 of a full sized bottle (0.4 oz), which runs from $10.50 to $12.50 in a Sephora store and on their website. The site says that the set is worth $103, but I got $99.60 when I calculated the volume of each polish in the set against its full sized counterpart.  

And now, the colors! Everything below is two coats of the polish alone, except where otherwise indicated.

Rocket Fuel - Metallic Graphite Green
 Vroom - Metallic Rose Gold
Racy - Metallic lavender
Need For Speed - Metallic Silver

Omni -Beach ball blue
Infatuated - Powder Blue
Unmistakable - Pastel Jade
Brazen - Petal Pink

Zap - Electric limoncello (3 coats)
Radioactive - Electric Jungle Green (3 coats)
Indelible - Rich violet
Haphazard - Electric Purple

Extraordinary - Iceberg Grey
Thrilling - Cloud gray
White Matter - Paper White
Dark Matter - Patent leather black

Flashy - Bright red
Eureka - Hot pink

Wham - White Confetti (2 coats over 1 coat Dark matter)
Bionic - Lime and black confetti (2 coats over 2 coats White Matter)
Turbulent - Turquoise and black confetti (2 coats over 2 coats White Matter)
Meteoric - Black, white, and rainbow glitter (2 coats over 2 coats White Matter)

I am extremely pleased with this purchase! There's enough variety in colors to keep me entertained for a while, it includes staples like a great white and black, and the glitter top coats are interesting over just about any color. Though I would have preferred more variance in glitter colors. Three out of four are predominantly black, with not a lot of difference between them. After going to a Sephora and seeing all the beautiful glitters they make for this line, I would have really liked to see some of those in this set. Maybe they will do more sets like this with other colors in the future, I sure hope so! Sets like these are an awesome way to try lots of polishes without the $10 - $12 price tag per bottle, and I rarely ever pay that much for one polish, but I'll always be first in line for mini value sets! 

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  1. For a regular person (non-nail-polish-addict), this would be a great complete collection.