Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Jungle Stand Tasting BAR - June 2013

It's time for another Jungle Stand Tasting BAR! (Please see my original Jungle Stand post for all the subscription details.)

This month's theme is "Taste of Taiwan"

Front of the card: Welcome to the Jungle Stand. Shake the dust off your passport & pack your bags adventurous tasters....we're gonna go taste the WORLD! First stop...TAIWAN! This island country is located in the southeast of Asia. It's a culture blended from Chinese to Japanese to increasingly Western influences. "Huan Ying!"

Back of the card: Before you are 6 popular delectables from Taiwan. Their flavors are heavily influenced by China and Japan. As you'll discover, saltiness & sweetness are a wonderful combination (especially w/ seafood). With an open mind, and an adventurous spirit, we invite you to taste TAIWAN. Will any of these tastes change your life?

The tastes:

Green - Sachima: A caramel treat resembling uncooked instant thick noodles. A light fare, this is a common Chinese pastry found in many Chinese-speaking regions, including Taiwan. It consists mainly of flour, butter & sugar. A fun taste because the  texture is crunchy then chewy.

Yellow - Rice Cracker: This taste is influenced by the Japanese. The rice cracker is a dry wafer made of rice. Taiwan's interpretation dusts sugar all around, adding a sweetness.

Pink - Sesame Pastry: This sesame-flavored pastry also has a crunchy & chewy texture. When you bite into it, you'll think the middle is hollow. Although this delicacy looks quite ordinary, the process of giving it the dual texture is quite complicated.

Red - Squid: This is a dry, shredded squid. It's like beef jerky, minue the beef, add the squid. Extremely popular in Taiwan and throughout Asia. (Tasting tip: once in your mouth, try sucking on the squid to taste a bit of sweetness.)

Blue - Pumpkin Cake: Made from Chinese pumpkins, which is a bit different from its American counterpart. If you're unfamiliar with the Chinese version, smell the cake. This delectable is topped with seaweed which will be the first flavor to hit you. Very nice balance of saltiness & sweetness. (BEST taste in the BAR.)

Orange - Peanut Brittle: There are many subtle variations & names for this peanut confection. But no matter the variety, they're always bite-sized and hard. Made from a mixture of peanuts & sugar which is then heated to a thick state & cut into small pieces after cooling.

This subscription is $9.92 per month, charges at the beginning of the month, and ships your BAR via Priority USPS in the middle of the month.

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