Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Jungle Stand Tasting BAR - March 2013

The Jungle Stand Tasting BAR is a monthly food subscription box. 

Every month The Jungle Stand sends out a box that contains 6 'tastes'. Every box has a theme that is kept a secret until you open your box. This months theme is 'The Globe Trotting BAR', The Bakers Trip Around The World.

Front of the card: "Welcome to the Jungle Stand. Exploring foreign countries opens your eyes to how the rest of the world lives. Let's expand your palate with unfamiliar tastes. As your palate improves, you'll fall in love w/ more (and different) flavors. That's when the fun begins. Join us, as we take you on a trip around the world. Your guide will be The baker, who'll introduce you to the tastes of the world." 

Back of the card: "Before you are 6 pastries from 6 different countries. They're some of the most popular delicacies from their respective countries. Although these baked goods may seem 'different'and strange, you'll notice that they aren't so foreign after all. So you may NOT enjoy your first taste, but w/ an open mind, your second one may be better :) And who knows? You may fall in love by your third. ill any of these tastes change your life?"

The tastes are in separately sealed airtight packages, and color coordinated with their description on the card. My box came with a small pair of wooden tongs, for removing each taste from its plastic, a thoughtful and cute extra touch. They also include a pack of saltine crackers, which they recommend having a bite of between tastes to cleanse the palate. The pictures below are of each taste. I should have taken the first two pictures after I cut the pastry in half, but I got the hang of it thereafter :)

The Tastes: 

Green - Hopia from the Philippines: Hopia is a popular Filipino, bean-filled pastry originally introduced by the Chinese. Different varieties of Hopia use fillings like mung beans, purple yam, or even pork. This particular taste is filled with sweet yellow beans.

Yellow - Pineapple Cake from Taiwan: The most popular pastry  from Taiwan. A cake with a buttery crust and pineapple jam filling in the middle. It's sweet without being oily. The combination of the crust and filling provides a wonderful texture.

Pink - Pastelitos de Mango from Cuba: Pastelitos are pastries with fillings. They're similar to an american turnover. Varieties of Pastelitos have diverse fillings ranging from the sweet (guava) to the savory (hamburger meat). This taste is filled with delicious mango jam. (note: you can also enjoy this slightly toasted)

Red - Macaroon (aka Glazed Anise Fingers) from Lebanon: A very indulgent dessert with a high amount of sugar. This Lebanese variation is made from semolina oil and spices. Traditionally torpedo shaped and glazed with honey, the texture and sweetness makes you crave for more. (note: you can also enjoy this slightly toasted)

Blue - Baklava from Greece: Baklava is a wonderful pastry with light flaky layers of crust and a sweet filling. It's made in every corner of every corner of every region of Greece. Drenched in light syrup/honey, it contains a mixture of chopped nuts (walnuts, pistachios) with a touch of cinnamon.

Orange - Rice Cakes from Vietnam: Sweetest taste in the BAR and extremely common in Asia. A chewy sponge cake made from rice flour, water, and sugar. Usually served as a dessert. A versatile pastry that can be garnished with sweet and savory ingredients. This taste offers 2 flavors: Banana (white-ish) and pine leaf (green).

This subscription is $9.92 per month, charges at the beginning of the month, and ships your BAR via Priority USPS in the middle of the month.

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