Monday, September 9, 2013

Fortune Cookie Soap Box - Fall 2013

OCD Hand Sanitizer in Indian Summer

"AKA two more months of sweaty backs and cracks. With notes of blueberry, woods, and musk"

Fortune Cookie Soap in Autumn Daze

"Dueces Summer!" Till we meet again. With notes of apple, cardamom, and pecan."

Whipped Cream in "I Yam what I Yam" Said the Marshmallow

"Can't you just see an adorable little marshmallow proudly saying this? Cuz in our world, marshmallows can talk, and unicorns fart glitter and rainbows."

Personal Space Odor Neutralizer/Air freshener in Pick of the Patch

"They say size doesn't matter, but when it comes to pumpkins - the bigger the better, baby!"

Bath Oil in <insert cookie cutter name here>

"Cookie cutter, shmookie cutter!! We kinda pride ourselves on not being cookie cutter around here. Our new fall cookie fragrance is anything BUT your average cookie scent, filled with luscious goodness and baked vanilla."

Wax Tart in Cranberry + Apple = FTW

"Of course we're talking about our favorite libation, the Washington Apple, (AKA the panty dropper). Oh! You mean the fragrance? Yeah, that's good too."

Milk Bath in You're Insecure, Donut What For...

"YOU KNOW YOU SANG THAT WHEN YOU READ IT! This yummy cinnamon sugar donut scent will light up your world like nothing else."

Bath Fizzy in Leeeaaf Piiiile!!

"Let's face it, jumping into a big ol' pile of leaves sounds like more fun than it actually is. With notes of apples and acorns."

Box Cost: $19.99
4 boxes per year, quarterly. Click here to order!

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